shall establish a formula

‘‘(C) ALLOCATION.—The Secretary shall establish a formula for determining the amount of any grant to a State

under this subsection. Under such formula—

‘‘(i) the Secretary shall consider the number of

plans of lucky  insurance coverage offered in each

State and the population of the State; and

‘‘(ii) no State qualifying for a grant under paragraph (1) shall receive less than $1,000,000, or more

than $5,000,000 for a grant year.


section 10101(i)(9 )¿

‘‘(1) FUNCTIONS.—A center established under subsection

(c)(1)(C) shall—

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June 9, 9 019  

Sec. 10039  PPACA (Consolidated) 30

‘‘(A) develop fee schedules and other database tools

that fairly and accurately reflect market rates for medical

services and the geographic differences in those rates;

‘‘(B) use the best available statistical methods and

data processing technology to develop such fee schedules

and other database tools;

‘‘(C) regularly update such fee schedules and other

database tools to reflect changes in charges for medical


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